The school follows the CBSE syllabus and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (Affiliation No.930457).The medium of instruction is English with special emphasis to Spoken English at all levels. On the fast changing scenario of today’s world, education is continuously evolving syllabi, are frequently revised and new teaching methods are being redrawn to facilitate effective learning. The academic requirements in terms of academic curriculum are getting larger. We, at Dr. Zakhir Hussain Memorial Bharatiya Vidya Vihar, have identified these requirements and have focused our approach to develop our children having multi-dimensional potential into adults capable of leading the ever-changing world. It is with this outlook, the school has designed a curriculum of its own to keep our children updated with the rapid changing scenario of information and learning with the help of which we strive to mould each child into a potential force.

Comprehensive English Language Programme, Maths Magic Programme, Science Discovery Programme, Activity Oriented Learning supported by Multimedia, Dramatization of Lessons in the class room situations, acquiring verbal intelligence in reading and writing, moulding confident, well mannered and happy children empowered with high self esteem, developing academically strong personalities who are able to diagnose their own strength and weaknesses, skill based understanding of concepts, emotional, intellectual and physical development of a child and regular faculty improvement programmes are some of the highlights of the restructured syllabus.

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